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Information in Tuscany

Handicrafts is one of the most important resources of Tuscan economy, and it is also one of the activity that more than others contributes to make our region well known all over the world. In Tuscany, ancient crafts are still practised using modern conceptions and centuries old knowledges. Nowhere, in all over the world, one can find so many unknows artists.

Goldsmiths, restorers, ceramistists, sculptors, decorators, shoesmakers, tailors are the artisans that everyday contribute to preserve the noble tradition of manual labour.
In this section, the best Artisan Masters show their works through their art.
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Like in Boemia... Colle Val d'Elsa is the main center of glass and lead crystal in Tuscany.

The ancient art of men molding the very soil into useful shapes, and matchin a color to those shapes has become, in these places, a productive and artistic vocation.

Handicraft in Tuscany

Started 10 years ago to restore antique fornitures as his father used to do. In his workshop in Panzano in Chianti he restores old fornitures and creates also artistic wooden objects and fornitures. His "Bottega" is located in Via Chiantigiana 10 a Panzano.

Stefano Bemer is one of the most famous Artisan Master in Florence with a passion for art and shoes, he realisese a large choice of leather goods that are only hand made in every detail.

Stefano Bemer

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